OpenOffice 2.0 Released is the open source office suite that is compatible with MS Office. With the public release of version 2.0 there is now a simple way to have all of your office productivity applications on a single no-cost suite. It is very simple to master the applications and the additional benefits are worth the effort. For instance, you can load as many copies on as many machines as you wish – no licensing issues. There is also a large user community. From the press release:

In addition to the OpenDocument format, the redesigned user interface  and a new database module, 2.0 also adds improved PDF  support, a superior spreadsheet module, enhanced desktop integration  and several other features that take advantage of its advanced XML  capabilities, such as the ability to easily create, edit and use XForms.

One of my favorite features is that you can export your slide presentations as Flash files. OpenOffice also imports WordPerfect files much better than MS Word does. My family, which runs the spectrum of computer skills, uses all of the OpenOffice applications with no difficulty. With 2.0 it is even easier to take control of your desktop and switch to open source. It won’t cost you anything.

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