Community Driven Renewable Energy

I’ve been helping to develop the business model for a sustainable energy investment co-operative in the Sackville area. We’re in start-up mode with Renew Coop and the cooperative is recruiting members to show that there is enough interest to attract larger investors. I like the idea of some day living in a completely sustainable region that is not dependent on fluctuating non-renewable resource prices and where there is an overall low impact on the environment.

RenewCoop has been formed to provide small, medium and large investors the opportunity to get involved in the development and ownership of renewable energy projects that directly benefit our region.  The timing is great, because the Government of New Brunswick, under the province’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, wants renewable sources to produce 33 per cent of the energy consumed by New Brunswickers by the year 2016. RenewCoop will be looking at ways to invest in renewable production, with potential projects in Wind Energy Production, Tidal Power Generation, Biodiesel, Hydrogen, Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

Membership costs $25 and we expect shares to be $10 each with a minimum purchase of 5 shares. The cooperative is aiming for 100 members by the end of January. If you’re still thinking about a New Year’s resolution, perhaps investment in sustainable energy is it.

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