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A lot of people come to this site searching for “open source LMS”. These are some of the web-based learning systems that I have used, and would recommend:
  • Elgg – for informal web-enabled learning where the learner is the centre of it all. Though still in its early development, I would recommend Elgg as a virtual space to foster community outside of the course-based LMS.
  • Moodle -a constructivist web environment for more formal learning with an extensive user base worldwide. Combining Elgg and Moodle makes an excellent choice for formal and informal learning.
  • ATutor – a Canadian-based web learning system designed for accessibility and with a number of easy to add modules, such as collaboration.

There are many others, many of which are reviewed on EduTools, and I’d suggest that you go to my Open Source for Learning lens for further links.

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  1. Mark Kimsal

    Don’t forget LogiCampus… a lot of people seem to over-look it because it doesn’t have a lot of market buzz, but I haven’t heard any negative reviews of it. Most people that use it compare it to Blackboard, but some also say that it is better than blackboard in terms of navigation and ease of use.

  2. arash

    At the first let me to introduce ourselves shortly.
    We have a institute in Iran that educate some online courses and we have a e-learning center.
    So in our planning we are going to expand our center in some department like as management, IT(computer) and Art so we need one Learning Management System (LMS) on the web that it is on the SCORM standard and very user friendly for students .

    So I found your website in the web but I need the complete information about the detail of it and need the trial version to test it and I would like to know about the maintenance of your software.
    So I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible and if you have any questions please feel free to contact with me.

    Best Regards
    Arash Rajayi

  3. Harold

    Arash, this is not my software and I do not represent these projects. Please follow the links on the main post for more information.


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