Where are open source learning applications?

I’ve previously discussed the use of open source for the learning sector as well as the business models that could work for learning applications. Matt Asay has posted his OSCON presentation on open source business models that shows how the field has developed and how different projects are at various levels of maturity.


Now if you look at open source platforms in the learning space, my first take would put these on the curve:

  • Innovators – Elgg Learning Landscape and several others
  • Early Adopters – Moodle and a few others
  • Early Majority – nobody
  • Late Majority – forget about it

Read the rest of Asay’s presentation to see what strategies are necessary at these stages.

5 Responses to “Where are open source learning applications?”

  1. Amar

    I am actually in the middle of comparing and contrasting three different platforms. I was looking at moodle.org, dokeos.com and eCollege.net

    eCollege is the traditional big budget hosted solution. I started with moodle and been spending more time with dokeos lately. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on these three?


  2. Harold

    Amar; it sounds like apples and oranges to me. Lots of factors to consider, and there are significant differences in going with a hosted, supported, proprietary system versus an open source system. Feel free to contact me for specific recommendations.

    I assume that you have looked at http://www.edutools.info for a feature comparison? Also, have you considered a http://moodle.com solution provider?

    Anyway, there are many factors to consider.

  3. Amar

    Thank you for the link to edutools. It is very comprehensive and was quite helpful. I agree the comparison seems vague but I guess it is hard to get into details in a blog :-).

    Would love to get some thoughts/feedback from you on my specific situation. What would be the best way to do that?



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