OOo is Six Years Old – Happy Birthday!

“Six years ago today, was launched as an open-source project.”

For anyone who still may not have heard of OpenOffice, it is a free, open source, office productivity suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, slide presentation creator, database and more. OOo can open Microsoft Office documents and save documents in multiple formats. It includes native OpenOffice formats that are based on open, worldwide standards. OpenOffice is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. There is a special mac version available through NeoOffice. You can view the development timeline of OOo on Wikipedia.

OpenOffice is available for a complete and free download and you can have as many copies on as many computers as you want. Think it’s not ready for prime time? Here’s a true story of what happened to me this week. My colleague and I received an MS Excell spreadsheet from a client. When my colleague tried to open the document in Office XP it came out as gibberish. He thought it was a corrupted file, but I was able to open the document in OpenOffice Calc and then saved it as a new *.xls file. I sent the newly named document to my colleague and it worked; all for free 🙂

If you haven’t tried it yet, download this stable, six-year old software:


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