Recommended reads on informal learning

There are about 15 people signed up for the Ottawa informal learning workshop. This post is for anyone who is keen and wants to get in some early reading. Of course it’s not required, but these could spark some ideas for interesting conversations.

Jay Cross has just posted Internet Culture & the Evolution of Learning. This is a great read if you’re interested in the big picture of why this stuff may be important. Jay’s article is more comprehensive than my previous post on the forces of change.

Here’s a short post, by Tom Haskins called, I found it inside my blog reader, that gives you an idea of how some people in the educational technology field are connecting and learning informally – without any direction 😉

If you’re looking for something concrete, here’s a post on How a restaurant uses stories to keep staff motivated.

An aggregated listing of various Definitions of Informal learning by Mohamed Amine Chatti.

If you want to dig deeper into social networking, then Dave Pollard’s Whirlwind tour of social networking for business covers a lot of the available tools.

SoulSoup on Why companies try to avoid informal learning, knowledge sharing and even innovation in the workplace.

Finally, I would recommend watching an interview (33 minutes) with Robert Paterson, done by Iowa Public TV in 2006, in which Rob explains the power of blogging.

… or just have a laugh:

Managing Time Management

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  1. Jennifer Nicol

    Did you see the New Yorker cartoon a couple of weeks back… husband sitting on sofa, staring at tv. Wife standing behind the sofa, obviously berating him for something. He says “you might want to save that for your blog.” (My husband loved this one.)

  2. Harold

    Reminds me of this one from a few years ago:

    O.K., step away from the laptop and hold up your end of the conversation. (Woman points gun at husband.)


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