The Woz Wows Sackville

Steve Wozniak, author of iWoz, gave a superb performance at Mount Allison University this evening. The Woz is a very open and friendly person who freely gives of his time in the spirit of learning and collaboration. His presentation this evening covered much that it in his book, but in person you get to feel the passion. People came from all over the region to listen to his inspirational speech, as witnessed by the capacity audience.


Our son, Nicholas, is reading the book and he found the presentation very interesting. Being able to hold the attention of a 14-year old, using almost no computer-generated effects is no small feat. Steve Wozniak spoke as if he was on fire, and some people felt that they could barely keep up listening to his fast-paced speech. At the end of the presentation, my friend next to me said, “now that is a very nice man”.

I really liked the part when Woz talked about his time working at Texas Instruments and how he got a job designing calculators because he had the skills and therefore didn’t need the formal certifications. He definitely believes in informal learning and taking charge of your life and your learning.

Afterwards, Nick got his book signed and Dad got the picture.


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  1. Chris

    I think it’s fair to say that a great time was had by all. Mr Wozniak was very friendly, and spoke passionately about his early career at HP and his years at Apple.

    The folks at Mount Allison did a fantastic job putting this event together.


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