Hockey meets social networking

Your Team Online is a free social networking service for minor hockey coaches, parents and players. The secure site offers each team private and public space. Sign up is simple and the tools are easy to use. This Saint John company allows anyone to sign up, and:

Share game plans, schedules, statistics, photos, videos and information with your hockey team within a private Team Zone. YourTeam is an ideal tool for minor hockey leagues, youth ice hockey teams and all of amateur sport.

I’m convinced that building community is a good business model for the Web, even though making a profit is never that simple, just like in any business. If the community grows and the service offers a trusted space, then there is a good chance of success. Currently, there are a couple of hundred teams online and even one signed up from Italy. It’s great to see this kind of Web business bootstrapping out of New Brunswick.

There is also a Your Team Blog if you want to follow what’s going on.

[Disclosure: I’m currently advising Your Team Online, via a third-party]

Update: Check out their new site, The Hockey Zen

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  1. Jeremy

    Pretty cool. I remember stewing last year on how to best turn Elgg into a site/network for a mountain bike club, but I got distracted and never followed it up. This is a great idea, and it looks like they’ve implemented it well.

  2. Chris Nadeau


    Thanks for the post. We really appreciate the support. Also, thanks to the other comments provided with regards to YourTeam Online, we really appreciate it. Stay tuned as we enhance the product and add other sports to the YourTeam Online offer.



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