Informal in Vegas


It’s been a hectic week, with a full-day session in Ottawa followed by a long flight to Las Vegas, and then three days of TechKnowledge 2007. It’s been a time to connect and re-connect with many people and have several long conversations. I guesss that this trip has reinforced my understanding that learning is conversation. It’s how you make meaning, by having conversations in the trusted space that you’ve been lucky enough to create.

I didn’t get to many of the sessions but I’m glad that I was able to attend Tony Karrer’s presentation on blogs and social tagging. Each time you see someone else explaining a concept to others, you understand a bit more how to communicate it yourself. Tony did a great job working with an audience that had wide-ranging levels of skills and knowledge.

There hasn’t been much time for reflection on all that’s transpired but that can wait for the red-eye flight back to Canada tonight. There will also be some announcements concerning the unworkshops next week, so stay tuned.

Of course, there has been a been some time for little bit of sightseeing …


but I didn’t get a chance to take in any of the shows:


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