Informal Learning at TechKnowledge 2007

I really enjoyed presenting at TK2007 this week, even though our session was moved to a new venue and it was at the end of the day. Being that the topic was informal learning, the session was – informal. The next day I reviewed the participant evaluations with Jay, who has already noted several of the comments. Needless to say, there was a wide spectrum of opinions. Perhaps the best comment was, “They didn’t have the presentation down – too informal for me. I like the irony.

I too, liked the irony. Perhaps it’s the difference between entertaining and facilitating learning. Sometimes you need to have your cognitive tree shaken a bit. I also noticed that those who have been following the blog conversations were ready to jump in and add some more.


With the opening-up of the informal learning unworkshops, I hope that more people jump in to this flowing conversation. Informal learning is obviously not new, but the Web has opened up some fascinating new ways of conversing, collaborating and creating meaning.

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