Citizen Participation

I fnally created a Facebook account, especially since it’s now banned for Ontario government employees. Only takes a ban to get me motivated 😉

I also see that Cynthia is using Facebook to connect with voters during the PEI election, so maybe this is more than just a flash in the pan, given the +15 million members.

All of this citizen participation that is breaking out made me think about a poster created by demonstrating French students in 1968. Is someone else profiting from all of these social networks, or is it truly a citizen-led phenomenon?


8 Responses to “Citizen Participation”

  1. graham Watt

    I think it’s old balding fat guys,smoking cigars and muttering heh heh heh who benefit.
    I’ll let you know when Webkinz starts offering to sell kids carbon credits.

  2. Harold Jarche

    I deleted my Facebook account in 2011. The company is based on a model that erodes our democratic processes and I want nothing to do with it.


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