Blog Action Day – Helping Nature Help You

I have been volunteering as the Director of Education at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute (AWI) for the past five years. What keeps me motivated is that AWI is focused on addressing causes, not symptoms. We could take in every single injured and orphaned animal in Eastern Canada and be no further ahead. Instead, we take a sampling of animals, about 300 a year, in order to understand causes of displacement, such as toxicity in the environment, disease or human infringement on habitat.

We share this information with researchers at universities, colleges and government agencies, and then we develop educational programming that helps people become stewards themselves. The few of us cannot make a large impact but we can be catalysts for change.

AWI is 12 years old and continues to use a scientific approach in helping people better understand their environment and the species they share it with. If you are looking for a national charity that puts its effort into programs, not advertising, then check us out and consider donating.



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