Difficult, unpleasant, messy, but necessary

I listened to the EdTechTalk Weekly webcast last night; something I’ve missed for several months. The Weekly highlights things of interest to the educational technology community. I noted UNESCO’s listing of free and open source courseware tools as well as a directory of free web and mobile applications (I like free).

There was also a discussion, or perhaps a brouhaha, around James Farmer’s criticisms of EduCon 2.0:

… the real, overarching issue I have with all of this is that it’s humming to the choir and ignoring the difficult, unpleasant, messy and sometimes just darn impossible questions that make up the reality of successful teaching and learning in any different context …

I think that we need more critical discussions in our field and be open to criticism from within. If your friends can’t give call you to task, who can?

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