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I noticed this piece on The App Gap which mentioned “knowledge artisans”, and it reminded me of a business plan I did about three years ago:

Next-gen knowledge artisans are amplified versions of their pre-industrial counterparts. Equipped with and augmented by technology, they rely on their human capital and skill to solve complex problems and develop new ideas, products and services. Highly productive, knowledge artisans are capable individually and in small groups of producing goods and services that used to take substantially larger teams and resources. In addition to redefining how work is done, knowledge artisans are creating new organizational structures and business models.

Here’s what I had written as part of the business model:

Open Source Artisans*
We are a small company with several years of development experience who have embraced open source as a way to reduce customer costs, ensure long-term stability of our software and focus on what we do best – custom development. As part of a larger global development community, we can stay small and nimble and quickly react to market and technology changes. We openly partner with other like-minded companies and share in the risks of software development, implementation, maintenance and service. We are true to our partners and our customers because we offer Old World service for the long term, by staying on-time and on-budget for the short-term.

* An artisan (craftsperson) is a skilled manual worker in a particular craft, using specialized tools and machinery. Artisans were the dominant producers of goods before the Industrial Revolution. ABC Co. are the Artisans of the post-Industrial era, retrieving old world care and attention to detail, but using the latest tools and processes. To ensure that we stay current, we are members of various Open Source Guilds, such as the Drupal development community.

The business plan was written in 2005 and I’ve stripped out all of the location-specific details and attached it as a PDF if anyone is interested. For reasons not linked to this plan, the company decided not to continue this effort, so it wasn’t implemented. If you find that it’s of some use, please post a comment.

ABC Business Plan

5 Responses to “Knowledge Artisans”

  1. Gilbert

    I like the concept of the Artisan. From a learning perspective it can lead to a master/apprentice types of teaching/training situations.

    The Artisan is good at his work. He takes pride in his work. At one point he is ready to transmit his knowledge to others.

    Really like your blog.

  2. Deborah Black

    This is a very helpful find.
    I heard your keynote at the TLt2010 Conference and was certainly intrigued enough to check out your site.
    I am struggling with a business model for a new initiative i am trying to start regarding a healthcare information challenge and was starting to despair about how anyone could earn a living if everyone was required to give away all of their IP through Creative Commons.
    Thank you for this insight.


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