Costs of open source and proprietary LCMS/LMS

David Bahn at Metropolitan State University of Minnesota asked me last week if I had any information about implementation and maintenance costs of open source versus proprietary learning systems. I referred him to Edutools and Brandon-Hall for comparative information as well as an older study done in French for the Québec government.

David then send me these other information sites that he had come across in his research:

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Cheal, C.  (2006). LMS Comparison from ELIS at Oakland University. Retreived from on 3/23/3008.

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  1. Harold

    Thanks, Kris. Always good to get up to date figures. I notice that the OS system (Moodle) in this case has between 3 and 10% the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the compared proprietary systems [see Slide 7].


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