Going Solo

I would have loved to attend the Going Solo conference in Switzerland last week, but alas I had neither the time nor the budget to fly across the Atlantic. I’m starting to see more interest in the option of freelancing and I think that some of this has to do with demographics (aging boomers looking for something to do) as well as economics (globalisation, outsourcing and downsizing). For instance, I was a bit surprised at the high level of interest in my presentation on Marketing Yourself as a Free-agent on the Internet.

I also see the free agent route as one of the only practical ways of currently implementing wirearchy, “a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority based on information, knowledge, trust and credibility, with a focus on results, enabled by interconnected people and technology“.

The only situations where I have witnessed a real “two-way flow of power and authority” is when I work with other free-agents. All of these relationships have been built on trust and in most cases there is not even a contract. I think that free-agents, working together, will eventually come up with the new organisational and management models required for a wired future. I don’t see how we can make incremental changes to industrial organisations and expect them to change their DNA.

If you want to see the future of business, take a look at how interconnected free-agents do business today and find out what they still need to do better.

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  1. Jerome Martin

    I work with a number of other solo people. We often cooperate on projects since we have complementary skills and interests. In cases where we are working independently we still consult each other and share ideas and knowledge.
    We have our own home offices but we meet mostly at coffee shops. Our overhead is low, although our offices are equipped better than virtually any university or government office. We use the latest technology so that our virtual offices are where we are with our laptops and cell phones.
    It’s a great life, primarily because I work with great people and we choose our clients carefully.


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