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There are a lot of retail stores in this country and most are so small that they don’t have dedicated HR, training or development staff. Professional development is not often part of the life of a retail sales clerk in a small or even medium-sized business.

Enter, with a community that links retail sales professionals with manufacturers of the products that they will be selling. There are specific modules on brand-name products as well as general information on broader activities, such as watersports for outdoor equipment outlets.

Sara at Wanderlust Outfitters here in Sackville tells me that all of her staff use the online campus and there are even prizes and deals to be had for members.

The business model for 3point5 seems simple enough – aggregate a community that cannot afford custom training or job performance support, link this community to those who would benefit from a more informed retail sector (wholesalers & manufacturers) and then make it very easy for these communities to connect. The same model applies to many other markets and I’m working on a couple at this time.

Community is king, IMHO.

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  1. Brad Baldwin

    Harold, thanks for the post on I’ll have to reach out to Sara too. Community is a huge benefit. A community of brands all in a single destination makes it easy for a retail sales associate to interact with multiple brands, including The North Face, Arc’Tyrex, Marmott, Mountain Hardware, Keen, close to 60 others ( Brands benefit because online training is available 24×7, not just when the retail location sees a representative from the brand.


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