I’ve long been an advocate of open source (the business model and the software), as well as openly accessible educational content and the right to freely share ideas. On the eve of the fifth anniversary of Jarche Consulting, I feel that it’s time once again to put my money (or lack thereof) where my mouth is.

All content on this site is now licensed as Creative Commons Attribution.

I have lifted the “non-commercial” restriction. Do what you want with my work; you do not need any further permission, just give me credit.

I’ve listened to arguments that an attribution-only license is easy for academics or those who have regular jobs, but not for those who make their living with their words and ideas. I want to show that it is also possible for the self-employed to use this kind of open license for their professional work.

This is not purely altruistic. In the long run I hope that this makes it easier for people to use my work and in return someone may notice what I do and decide to engage my services.

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