The business of social media

I had the opportunity/chance/pain of being on a social media panel for our Third Tuesday Meetup, so I couldn’t resist a post called Ten Questions Not To Ask A Social Media Panel. It’s a humourous post with much truth between the lines. I’ve found that just about everybody today is a social media consultant and I’m glad that I never used that descriptor for my professional services.

As much as I enjoyed Berkowitz’s main topic, there is one comment that answers several of the questions that I get asked about this “Web thing”. It’s by Janet Johnson who provides the specifics that most people want from panels but don’t often get:

I’ve personally observed ROI (expenditure = time) mostly in the following areas:

1) Improving collaboration for virtual teams scattered around cities, countries and such – Twitter is especially great for that.

2) Lead generation for consultants – especially in the areas of RSS, infrastructure and social media (big duh, but it’s true).

3) Awareness and thought leadership – especially for those whose markets serve early adopters/18-35 year olds today, although the baby boomers are adopting to, and using the social web quite quickly.

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  1. Janet Johnson

    Ugh. Does that mean I should scrub my site/social networks of any inkling of ‘social media consultant’ stuff?

    Just when businesses are ready for it…


    Thanks for the notice, Harold. I’m sure you carry the mantle (whatever you want to call it) well.


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