Edge Thinking

The video of John Seely Brown on edge thinking is worth 15 minutes of your time.

JSB discusses the concept of workscapes (reminds me of Jay’s learnscape) and foresees that all managers will need general HR skills and that management will evolve over time to a coaching role. He also tells about how things changed when he became a free-agent after decades at XEROX-PARC. Within a year,  JSB was more connected and had a more dynamic network than ever, and he credits social Web tools for this. The Web is a great place for do-it-ourselves learning and JSB sees work and learning becoming integrated [this is my own area of most passionate professional interest]. One example of the Web reducing the need for training is an older programmer learning new languages and techniques. He says that he just types in the exact programming error message in Google and instantly gets the performance support he needs.

Photo: Living on the Edge by Giant Ginkgo

I’m currently working on combining my last posts on The T&D Role and Learning & Performance into a more integrated article. JSB’s work, plus concepts like Wirearchy and Cynefin are starting to come together in my mind. I want to focus on the practicalities of creating a better workplace for a networked world, as many of the frameworks are already out there waiting to be implemented.

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