Volume, Velocity, Virtualization & Variability

There are four V’s that should be kept in focus as Enterprise 2.0 becomes more of a reality in 2009, according to Mike Gotta:

  1. the volume of information is growing exponentially,
  2. the velocity of business is increasing,
  3. the virtualization of the workplace continues
  4. the variability of roles an employee may be expected to take on will become more diverse

What I like about Gotta’s post is that many of his comments are based on observations of real clients and workplaces. There is a lot to consider and I’m glad that Jon Husband pointed out this blog to me.

To address the increasing volume of information, processes such as Personal Knowledge Management become more necessary (note to self: time to update PKM diagrams).

The increasing velocity means accepting life in Beta, without becoming shallow thinkers and doers.

Virtualization of the workplace means that we had better figure out how best to work and learn collaboratively online. This of course, has been the focus of my work for the past decade. The key is making it work within individual and organisational contexts and accepting that there is more than one way to do anything.

Finally, variability of jobs may spell the end of job descriptions and a move toward multiple workplace roles, depending on context; a much less machinistic model, but one that still needs a lot of work in creating tools to help manage looser networks.

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