A landscape of influences

More exciting pattern and sense-making from Ross Dawson, this time with the Influence Landscape Framework Beta v. 1:

This adds to other conceptual frameworks to inform us on how we can look at learning, work and especially communication in this era. The comment on influence networks echos of connectivism (just replace influence with learning):

Influence flows through networks – it cannot be understood as a linear mechanism focused on individual influencers. There are a number of key aspects of influence networks that need to be addressed to tap the power of influence.

I view the influence mechanisms as sources that one can tap when creating a personal knowledge management system. The landscape graphic also enhances the framework of wirearchy, showing that influence is dynamic and non-linear, as our working relationships must become in a networked environment.

If we put ourselves at the centre of the landscape then how we structure our lenses on the world has a significant impact on what we see. If our organisation only lets us view mass media information or from limited networks then we are closed to a wealth of other sources. If our influencers are only celebrities and famous people we are missing out on a rich source of human experience. If we don’t realize the driving forces changing the landscape then we may be blind-sided by events.

As a node in an open network we have a better chance of influencing our landscape, whether it be for learning, working or communicating. This model gives one more reason to open organisational walls to the outside – so influence can travel both ways.

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