Friday’s Finds #9

Once again, not much blogging but a bit more activity on Twitter. It seems I can blast off 140 characters a lot easier than a complete blog post.

via @robpatrob Rob asks 10 questions for all of those who feel ok with the current food system
Agriculture – Our Delusion – My Questions Please help by answering

via @nprnews – Fight Against Antibiotic Fed Farm Animals All Uphill

via @paullowe Paul interviews jessica dimmock of VII network on intimacy with your photography subject

The importance of deliberate practice Anecdote Blog

via @kanter @peterscampbell – Why SharePoint Scares Me

When Culture Eats Enterprise 2.0 Strategy for Breakfast: Slideshare

How not to train (free registration required) by @charlesjennings

Workplace depression: Your co-worker needs your help (for my MH@W Blog)

If you’re really busy, you can use Twitter for busy people via @MiNutrition

Comments Dead, Twitter Holds Smoking Gun Read/Write Web – my blog stats confirm this

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