Future of Learning as a Business #4

For Session 4 of today’s LearnTrends event Dave Wilkins, Learn.com, led off on the subject of social learning and the challenge of the concept as opposed to the technologies. Concepts such as wirearchy, the long tail or wisdom of crowds need to be understood and put into our work context before we can really become social learners at work. This means that you might wish to stay away from Web 2.0 terminology when selling it to clients or inside the organization. He also mentioned that there exist several ways of measuring ROI for social media, you just have to look for it. Dave discussed what Learn.com is doing so that anyone can build a course, share a document, publish, spin their own web space and collaborate with whom they want.

Amit Garg, Upside Learning, discussed his innovation and new projects team current focus on simulations & games, social learning and integrated accountability – areas that are on the near horizon for our industry.

Holly St John Peck, Peck Training Group, and  Monika Ebert, DifferentLens, discussed an informal learning solution with formal application using this model they developed (click for an interactive version):

Picture 2

There was some interesting discussion on whether this above approach keeps learning separate from daily working and performance.

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