Friday’s Finds #15

Once again, from the Twitter files this past week:


“And what I found out is that talent is much overrated. It is motivation and help that makes the difference. They [HR] talk about ´talent´ as if it is a thing that actually exists, apart from effort, motivation and experience.” @MireilleJansma

Dan Pink at TED: “there’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does”

50 years of applying job evaluation methodologies has created organizational structures that are rigid, non-responsive & slow to change. via @jonhusband


Open Atrium is an OS (Drupal+) team portal starter package Open Atrium via @jaycross

“Wikipedia’s greatest gift to humanity: proof that there are more pedants than vandals” – via @sebpaquet and found in @lemire’s blog comments. Related: Wikipedia is simply undergoing the process of becoming the system it exists within. via @gsiemens is locally built Twitter app, and Steve (@comforteagle) clarifies some things about a news report to which Carman Pirie (@pirie) adds more comments

Flashback to 1998: Work the Web video via @elsua and a description of the merger of marketing & KM in law firms – true for any knowledge-intensive org


If complex systems researchers don’t get serious about the scientific method, their field is going to fizzle out – Networks are Killing Science via @lemire

I said that we should Kill the Curriculum and @busynessgirl responded, “how about we just hack it?” Which of course I agree with.


Cars Cause Most Bike-Car Crashes via @folkstone

Saying Yes to donating snipped hair for Oil Spill Hair Mats to rescue oceans. via @yesmagazine @PureAveda

Soaking up carbon with artificial trees & algae-based photobioreactors. via @pathways

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