Friday’s Finds #16

I learned a lot on Twitter this past week:

Resilience focuses less on preventing failure than on enabling rapid recovery following failure. Cognitive Edge

The corporate war for talent will become the war to attract the influential & trustworthy. Trends in the Living Networks

Why Scrapped The Fees And Made Transcripts Free. via @folkstone

Slate: Why corporate IT should unchain our office computers. via @nickcharney

Enterprise 2.0: Skip the Pilot Project “Scale is the oxygen that feeds collaboration.” via @CarlosDiaz

A Grameen group for education? via @DavidGurteen

The 10 Bona Fide Best Sites for Sharpening Your Critical Thinking Skills. via @zaidlearn

“What happens when GoogleMaps not only shows the house, the landscaping, the car, but also color codes the house by heat loss?” @valdiskrebs

How social networks affect billable hours. via @edwsonoma

and last, in the humour department, via @lukec Home sewing is killing fashion! (my wife is a fabric artist and a very good seamstress):


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