Friday’s Finds #17

From the Twitter stream this past week:

How to Work Learning In: What was supposed to happen? What actually happened? How do we account for the difference? @jaycross

Management by Community: get rid of bosses and improve organizational management.

The People’s Century: for those interested in management theory, Taylor and such. Read these eyewitness interviews. @mireillejansma

The Open Dinosaur Project – measure the fossils, publish the data. Now THIS is Open Science! @CircleReader

Top 10 Apps for Scheduling a Meeting Online – ReadWriteEnterprise. @tonykarrer

FastCompany: Design Globally, Manufacture Locally: A New Paradigm for Sustainability. @PhilMcCreight

10 collaborative tools for tele-work (in French) 50 things that are being killed by the internet.  @RossDawson

Google Apps: Good bye higher ed IT as we’ve know it. More than 5 million students have “gone Google”. @edwsonoma

German ‘Internet Manifesto’ now in The Guardian. “My favorite: More is more.” @RossDawson

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