Friday’s Finds #24

Here’s what caught my attention on Twitter this past week and some stuff left over from the week before:

Quote of the Week: Ingmar Bergman likened aging to hiking up a mountain, “The longer one walks the more winded one becomes, but the view!” via @marciamarcia


Sustainable Food Lab: accelerate the shift of sustainable food from niche to mainstream

Lasagna gardening = my kind of gardening

Food for Thought

via @tonykarrer is an article on The Future of Knowledge Workers, or the aggregated insights of senior business professionals. I’m not sure how good any of us are at forecasting events, but I noted that collaboration ranked high on their list:

The survey asked what types of knowledge work are likely to become the most highly valued in the organization over the next 10-12 years. Collaborative work (project design team, global consultancy, etc.) received the highest ranking by the survey respondents. This is consistent with the high interest expressed throughout the survey in increasing collaborative support capabilities. Expert judgment work (research scientist, legal specialist, etc.) ranked a distant second, followed by process-oriented work (financial reporting, quality assurance, etc.) and transaction work (tech support center, billing inquiry, etc.).

“Emergent behaviors are unintended consequences that make you happy” FastForward Blog by @jmcgee

Rebecca Saxe: How we read each other’s minds | Video on seeing from another’s viewpoint via @BillBell

How to organise a children’s party (video) by @snowded “we manage the emergence of beneficial coherence within attractors, within boundaries”

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