Friday’s Finds #30

What I learned this past week on Twitter:

Dale Arseneault: 8 things you need to know about collaboration. [I like #3 – Collaboration is a human process – throwing technology at people won’t magically/automatically create collaboration]

“I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — OPEN (episode 3).” via @euan [I followed the links and am now subscribed to This Week in Tech]

Social Learning: situation beats instruction. via @charlesjennings

Modeling the behavior of others plays an important role in the worldview of social learning theorists. People change their behavior to fit into a social group, to succeed in attaining membership. They imitate people they admire, to obtain the rewards such a person accumulates. Bill Clinton, for example admired JFK, who inspired him at their meeting when Mr. Clinton was 17.

The Future of Peer 2 Peer University

Accessing OER [open educational resources] does not automatically result in learning. There are reasons why traditional education institutions exist, one of these being the social interaction between peers that enables, facilitates, and motivates learning. But what about those that want to learn outside of brick and ivy walls? P2PU is an initiative outside of the traditional institution that aims to provide the social learning structures, the “social wrapper”, around existing open educational resources.

Shrunken communication in distributed teams – why loosely-connected social network access is important: small talk. via @mathemagenic

Jing now integrates with Twitter as this screenshot shows. via @1ernesto1

Derek Blunt: 21st Century skills do not exist; here are 9 skills that do. via @fredsheahan

Confirmed! Podcamp Halifax will be at the Alderney Gate Public Library on January 24, 2010: Commence wiki! via @RyanDeschamps

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