Friday’s Finds #31

What I learned this past week on Twitter:

Rhizomes & Roots by @VenessaMiemis

Picture: Rhizomes & Roots by @VenessaMiemis

The return on investment (ROI) on social learning consists of getting stuff done in networks & knowing who to contact. It requires trusted relationships which are social & take time to develop.

Social Learning leads to Social Intelligence which leads to Success. Why “Academic Excellence” No Longer Cuts It Today via @cburell

Web 2.0: A simple (working) definition. via @csessums

Web 1.0 = me
Web 2.0 = me + you

Web 1.0 = read
Web 2.0 = read + write

Web 1.0 = connecting ideas
Web 2.0 = connecting ideas + connecting people

Web 1.0 = search
Web 2.0 = recommendations of friends/others

Web 1.0 = find
Web 2.0 = share

Web 1.0 = techies rule
Web 2.0 = everybody rules

via @jalam1001
Picture: via @jalam1001

“Pretty much all intranets are unusable. Like just about all workplace documentation. I think it’s ‘learned helplessness'” via @BFChirpy

If the Army Can Put Its Doctrine Up On a Wiki, You’ve Got No Excuse. via moehlert

Productivity = less is more. via @pascalvenier

Picture: Productivity = less is more. via @pascalvenier

“There are NO JOBS TO GO BACK TO. Just as there was no village and rural work in 1840.” @robpatrob

2 Responses to “Friday’s Finds #31”

  1. Simon Bostock

    Ruddy heck. I’m in a Friday Find. Always one of my regular haunts at the end of a week (even, as now, when I’m in Tokyo).

    I love the definition of web2.0 and have found myself using it already.

    Anyway, you’ve made my day. Off to bed grinning.


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