Information is free; Experience is expensive

Interesting finds on twitter this past week:

Tom Haskins: When we get confident in our own informal evaluation schema- we can take others’ evaluation of us with a grain of salt.

Enterprise 2.0: Start broad with many conversations – then find champions to take a narrow & harder-driving approach. FastForward

@juneholley: Emergence and management

Yes, it is certainly true that the role of managers is probably exaggerated (with their pay).  But the project of changing management is unnecessary.  Over-managed firms will self-destruct, possibly at great cost to themselves and others, simply because managers have to be paid for and management that is not necessary simply makes a firm unwieldy, inefficient and unprofitable.

@David_A_Eaves: The world is not flat, it’s walled & non-integrated

@CharlesHGreen: “It’s not plagiarism, it’s mixing.” Our changing mores on how to think about who owns content. NYTimes“There’s no such thing as originality anyway, just authenticity,” said Ms. Hegemann in a statement released by her publisher after the scandal broke.

@gsiemens: “I have not found a SINGLE school that shows ANY evidence of using technology to transform teaching and learning”. The Good Morrow

Teacher roles in networks = Amplifying; Curating; Wayfinding; Aggregating; Filtering; Modelling; Persistent Presence. [A similar perspective would be that the Teacher/Instructor role in networks is supporting personal knowledge management PKM]Connectivism

@itsthomas RT @avinashkaushik “You don’t blog to be known. You blog to be knowable.” – @hughmcguire

@JPBarlow Information is free. Experience is expensive.

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  1. Peter Kemper

    difficult to stuff into a database but not difficult to blend into an ever growing serious game !

    Do not think text, think 3D dynamics and interaction !

    Serious Games could become Experience Bases !


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