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It was a busy week, so I didn’t learn a lot via Twitter, though much through conversation with some interesting people.

BRP (Barely Repeatable Processes) ‘Social Learning & Exception Handling‘ @lirons via @jonhusband

We know that most learning in the workplace is informal. Most observers put it at around 80%. Recently, John Hagel and John Seeley Brown contended that ”as much as two-thirds of headcount time in major enterprise functions like marketing, manufacturing and supply chain management is spent on exception handling.” Of course, that fact is a result of the successes of process automation over the past few decades. Yet, still,The Barely Repeatable Process (BRP) persists as an organizational challenge for business.

Reuters: 5 lessons businesses can learn from WikiLeaks, via @michelleblanc

1. There are no completely secure systems
2. Weigh the risks of a data breach
3. Segment your data
4. Understand the maturity of your staff
5. There are right ways and wrong ways to handle an embarrassing data breach

@tonzylstra – “Keeping your own employees away from info anyone else has access to, including when your employees are at home … bureaucratic logic at its best.”

and now I head across the Atlantic ….

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