Sharing whatever you've got

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this week.

@mpesce on the Occupy Movement “#Occupy is a mirror. What you think of it says more about you than it does about Occupy.

Bill Moyers –  “News is what people want to keep hidden; everything else is publicity.”

@ebase: “Think about your best communities and do something to keep them together.” – Why so sentimental?

The co-op business model: share whatever you’ve got, by @sivers via @willkriski

None of these things looked like a business venture.

All of them were just sharing something I already had.

People often ask me if I have any suggestions for what kind of business they should get into.

I tell them the only thing I know how to recommend: “Start by sharing whatever you’ve got.

The competitive Edge of Social Business – by @EskoKilpi

For knowledge workers and customers the task of gaining needed inputs for these situations is creating an entirely new environment. Creative learning becomes the fundamental activity. It is not about consuming pre-determined content, passing tests or something with beginnings and ends. Learning is continuous transformation. It is the foundation for creative action. Ability to better meet the needs of a situation can only partially take place prior to the live moment. You can never be fully prepared in advance, success depends on how you are present and how you communicate.

Fifth annual Mckquarterly report on social business benefits is out:  Benefits hold steady for 3 years. via @dhinchcliffe [#1 = Increasing speed of access to knowledge]

Startups Key to Job Growth: Video with Robert Litan “virtually all net new jobs were created by firms less than 5 years old” [not small business, but startups]

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