Thoughtful filtering

Here are some of the ideas and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week, just to show that what happens in Vegas, gets posted to the Web 😉

Steve Rosenbaum: We need thoughtful filters with humans replacing algorithms so it becomes more about ideas than data – via @Smartinx

“if learning happens all around us, and we strive to create “learning organisations” how can we justify the LMS as a content management tool?” – by @mollybob

Brenda Sugrue: “When a client asks you to consider Learning Styles or Bloom’s Taxonomy it should be a BIG instructional design red flag” #DevLearn – via @rec54

Innovation is Not ‘Best Practice’ – via @hyponastic

  • Innovations start out as best practices, but best practices all become uninnovative.
  • Best practices can blind us to more things than we might realize at first.
  • Innovation is not about agreeing on things.
  • Best practices are too complicated.
  • Everything works some of the time, nothing works all of the time.

Anything that does not contribute to learning is waste – by @eskokilpi via @davidgurteen

Management theory needs to leave behind the industrial, mechanistic model of reality and the belief in the linear, if – then, causality. The sciences of complexity, non-linear dynamics, uncertainty and creative learning are the foundations of modern, human-centric management.

The task of managers is not reduction of uncertainty but to develop capacity to operate creatively within it. Ilya Prigogine wrote in his book “The End of Certainty” that the future is not given, but under perpetual construction:

“Life is about unpredictable novelty where the possible is always richer than the real.”

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