Start the new year hacking

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via social media during the past week or two.

Christian Wiman: “At some point you have to believe that the inadequacies of words you use will be transcended by the faith with which you use them.” – via @JohnnieMoore

The Icarus Deception: “if you blame your lack of job prospects on the tepid demand for hardworking, competent, but replaceable workers, you haven’t told us anything we didn’t already know.” via @RichardMerrick

Stupid Management Tools, by Niels Pflaeging @BetaLeaders

#787 – Standardized job titles and salary ranges – produce pseudo-objectivity & transfer power to HR bureaucrats

#788 – Competence and Development Planning – unavoidably lead to behavioral control, another HR folly

#789 – Development Programs – If personal growth isn’t fostered, your organizational model is broken. HR plans don’t fix that

#790 – Employee Ranking and Classifying, e.g. ABC-style: it’s reductionist, context-free, unfair, self-fulfilling

Given tablets but no teachers, Ethiopian children teach themselves – #hacking – via @zecool

Elaborating later on Negroponte’s hacking comment, Ed McNierney, OLPC’s chief technology officer, said that the kids had gotten around OLPC’s effort to freeze desktop settings. “The kids had completely customized the desktop—so every kids’ tablet looked different.  We had installed software to prevent them from doing that,” McNierney said. “And the fact they worked around it was clearly the kind of creativity, the kind of inquiry, the kind of discovery that we think is essential to learning.”

Design Is Hacking How We Learn – learning in action in a very different way – via @C4LPT & @CharlesJennings

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