Friday's Finds 195

Friday’s Finds:


“Any sufficiently advanced form of testing is indistinguishable from monitoring.”@shs96c

“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer life consists either of writing or thinking about writing.” – Eugene Ionesco – via @PascalVenier

Competency Models – HR and Understanding Work in the Network Era – by @JonHusband

Today we know much more about how to function effectively in social networks than a decade ago, and I think much of what we know is portable to the networked workplace.  Off the top of my head ..

Listen to others
Share generously
Add value, but don’t insist on being right
Listen some more
Practice good ‘social hygiene’
Avoid attacking others
There’s a fine line between criticism and negativity .. find it and use it

When Training Fails, Try Learning – via @NickMilton

“There is a necessity to create real learning opportunities that are directly linked to the business and to move away from training driven by other objectives. If any learning initiative is to succeed, there must be a clear understanding among everyone about the necessity of creating, sharing, and managing knowledge for specific business objectives.The right learning interventions provide frameworks and guidelines that allow people to make the right daily decisions” – Margareta Barchan, President and CEO, Celemi

Being a Professor Will No Longer Be a Viable Career | History News Network – via @AdrianCheok

“Average” faculty, [Steve] Weiland [MSU] said, will be subject to the kind of unsympathetic management advocated by foundation heads like William G. Bowen, president emeritus of the Mellon Foundation, who wrote in a recent book that “the days are over when faculty can … expect to have complete control over the tools they use.” Bowen didn’t mean faculty like Nagy or Michael Sandel, Weiland said. He meant professors like Weiland himself, and most of those present at the AAUP.

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