Friday’s Finds Down Under with me Mates

Fridays Finds this week have been curated by the PKM workshop in Sydney, NSW. (Marion Louvel@chemenesinson, @michelleockers, @soozietwits, Siobhan Sutherland Rogers, Julia, Elizabeth Robinson)


@nonnikcamffej – “The sample lady at Costco did not appreciate me questioning how they knew the bees that make their organic honey only visit organic flowers.”

“Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.” – W. C. Fields – via @seriouspony

Dark Google via @jonhusband

We are powerful too. Our demands for self-determination are not easily extinguished. We made Google, perhaps by loving it too much. We can unmake it, if we must. The challenge is to understand what is at stake and how quickly things are moving. The need is to come together in our diversity to preserve a future in which many visions can thrive, not just one –– Where many rights can flourish, not just some.

@hrheingold – My profile of Caroline Combemale, young connected learner:

Maybe Caroline doesn’t have the training yet that public schools require of their teaching faculty, but she does have several rare qualities of a successful teacher: She loves to learn, she loves the subject she teaches, she loves teaching, she embraces media as pedagogy tools, and she’s not afraid to try new things in front of others.

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