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Here are some observations and insights that were shared on social media this past fortnight. I call these Friday’s Finds.

@flowchainsensei “If you ‘don’t have time’ to look outside your own little bubble – what then in times of change?”

“How do we evaluate teachers? We never speak of this. It is irrelevant in our country. Instead, we discuss, ‘How can we help them?'”Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish Educator, via @PascalVenier

“Students are widgets. They move through the factory (school) and we add value to them.” – Jose Ferreira, via @opencontent

@gsiemens“Instead of focusing on engagement, we should focus on developing disciplines of thought. Work the person, not the content.”

@snowdedOf artisanship

As we move more and more towards a standardised model we lose adaptability and in consequence resilience, the capacity to change in the light of changed and changing circumstance.  Consistency may seem attractive and in some cases it is, but it’s a very bad universal.

@TomSedgeExplored: Management in Networks

So just as the journey to work teams and communities of practice can be challenging and time-consuming, so I expect it will be into networks. That’s not to say that it can’t be a fast one – with the right backing. But what it probably does need is some smaller, safer steps that people feel more comfortable taking.

I always say that you can change an organisation only as fast as people are willing to stop objecting, start trying and begin learning.

The Military Case for Sharing Knowledge – “a strong case for personal knowledge mastery [PKM]” – @leadershipABC

What we found is we had to change. We had to change our culture about information. We had to knock down walls. We had to share. We had to change from who needs to know to the fact that who doesn’t know, and we need to tell, and tell them as quickly as we can. It was a significant culture shift for an organization that had secrecy in its DNA.”

What we did was we changed the idea of information, instead of knowledge is power, to one where sharing is power. It was the fundamental shift, not new tactics, not new weapons, not new anything else. – General Stanley McChrystal


Mimi & Eunice by Nina Paley

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