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Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

To change with change is the changeless state. – Bruce Lee” via @janhoglund

Nick Milton: “Internal competition is like a late frost that kills all your green shoots”

@dhinchcliffe: The Underlying Laws of Cloud & Social

Count on nearly everything in the ecosystem to eventually drop to effectively zero cost. Do not build your digital business along the commoditization axis. Only the underlying properties, like network effects, are exempted from this rule and this is a potent realization. We will eventually get the cost of nearly all technology to nothing, making replication and competition both easy and rampant. This isn’t where most businesses would like to be. However, network relationships like communities, total aggregate API integrations of partners, total daily users contributing value, these cannot never be copied whole cloth on an increasingly low cost scale. When people are involved, commoditization is not possible, and real, meaningful human relationships then become the strategic coin of the digital realm.

@fred_laloux: Why I can’t get myself to write an article on employee well-being

I’ve come to see how demeaning – however well intentioned – most engagement programs are. We all feel this intuitively, I think, and that’s why so few of us believe the posters any longer. You can’t buy happiness. Happiness and fulfilment are always the by-product of feeling ‘in the zone’, or feeling that we can bring in all of who we are, in service of something noble and important.

@mintzberg141: If you can’t measure it, you better manage it

Measuring as a replacement for managing has done enormous damage—undermining the souls of so many of our institutions … Think of how much education has been killed by assuming that we can measure what a child learns in a classroom. (I defy anyone to measure learning. You are reading this…: please measure what you are learning.) Must we always deflect teaching from engaging students to examining them?

@simongterry: How to chair a conference

A good chair will help create a great experience for the speakers and the participants at the event. Not everything will go to plan. Nothing will go to time. The role of chair to to help smooth the experience and also to help the participants to weave it together into one learning and collaborative experience.

Stay in Contact with Everyone: Everyone means everyone: the organisers, the AV team, the next speaker, future speakers and audience members. Check-in at breaks and use what you learn to think ahead. Check everyone’s understanding. Get feedback. Make sure everyone is on the same page as to what is happening next. Over communicate. When I had issues with the experience, it was because I didn’t follow this simple rule.

@gleonard: Technology vs Humanity:

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