structure drives behaviour

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

Structure drives behaviour. And most of the structures organizations have today were designed for yesterday. – @SamiHonkinen” – via @hharjula

Complexity should be in the work, not in the organizational structure“, according to @JosdeBlok in this video (9 minutes)

“I believe we can just go ahead & say it: Networks are more valuable than strategy. Tech startups have proved that.- @dhinchcliffe

“Thanks to all its robots, ‘Chinese factory jobs may … be poised to evaporate at an even faster pace’ than in the U.S. – @RWartzman

According to one analysis, fully 43 percent of Chinese workers already consider themselves to be overeducated for their current positions. As software automation and artificial intelligence increasingly affect knowledge-based occupations, especially at the entry level, it may well become even more difficult for the Chinese economy to absorb workers who seek to climb the skills ladder. – NYTimes

Driverless Trucks Replacing $200,000/yr Operators – via @ResonNtegrity

“It’s not fantasy,” Suncor’s chief financial officer Alister Cowan told investors at an RBC Capital Markets conference in New York last week. He said the company is working to replace its fleet of heavy haulers with automated trucks “by the end of the decade.”

“That will take 800 people off our site,” Cowan said of the trucks. “At an average (salary) of $200,000 per person, you can see the savings we’re going to get from an operations perspective.”

Triangles by @ValdisKrebs [more on closing triangles]

Image: Valdis Krebs

Image: Valdis Krebs


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