castles and curators

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

@Chris_Mahan: “Sometimes, to really internalize knowledge, I’ll handwrite an article, a passage. I’m doing it now.”

The rising importance of great curators, via @RobinGood

“Increasingly I’ve become more and more reliant on a handful of brilliant curators to cut through the noise and who dip a well-chosen cup into the torrent on my behalf.

Flipboard is a great tool, and I use it every day, but I look for real humans with an expert eye who manually choose the things I’ve probably missed. My kind of people who like the things I like and give a damn about the things I care about. The people who seem to go, ‘here Tim, read this, I know you’ll enjoy it'”.

Guarding the Decentralized Web from its founders’ human frailty: Video by @doctorow, via @petervan

@Dsearls: The Castle Doctrine

“So here is a helpful fact: we don’t go anywhere when we use our browsers. Our browser homes are in our computers, laptops and mobile devices. When we “visit” a web page or site with our browsers, we actually just request its contents (using the hypertext protocol called http or https).

In no case do we consciously ask to be spied on, or abused by content we didn’t ask for or expect. That’s why we have every right to field-strip out anything we don’t want when it arrives at our browsers’ doors.”

@NielsPflaeging: Bosses versus leaders: Companies Need Neither

“The notion of the leader is and has always been corrupt and despicable, just as the notion of bosses. Or put differently: If we think of leadership as depending on leaders & followers, or of leaders as ‘very special people’, then we haven´t advanced a bit from what Frederick W. Taylor told us about managing for the industrial age, 105 years ago, in his treatise Principles of Scientific Management.”

self-organization is the future of work:

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