friday’s factual finds

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

“Purposeful play. Play equals trust. A space where we can take risks. Only by taking risks do we get to learn about ourselves & each other.”@ImSporticus

“Most metrics ignore: Collaboration, Relationship-building, Capacity-building, Knowledge generation, and Kindness”@4KM

“Remember when people thought the Internet, social media, twitter, etc. would strengthen democracy & undermine authoritarians? Oh well.”@StephenWalt

“You know it is a tribe when it only learns to protect itself or profit, not to civilise.”@gpetriglieri

“‘Fake news’ is lazy language. Be specific. Do you mean: A) Propaganda B) Disinformation C) Conspiracy theory D) Clickbait”@7im

A news literacy kit for a post-truth world by @JoyceValenza [excellent resource]

“News literacy is complicated. In our attempts to discern truth, we are confounded by a 24/7 news cycle. News hits us across media platforms and devices, in a landscape populated by all degrees of professional journalists and citizen journalists and satirists and hoaxers and folks paid or personally moved to write intentionally fake news. All of this is compounded by the glories and the drawbacks of user-generated content, citizen journalism, and a world of new news choices.”

Image: via @BrianDavidEarp

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