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Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

“The car gave to the democratic cavalier his horse & armor and haughty insolence in one package, transmogrifying the knight into a misguided missile … it has become the carapace, the protective & aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man.” —Marshall McLuhan, via @grescoe

“Computers are rubbish. They only give answers” —Picasso, via @alansmlxl

@mmay3r: “The internet doesn’t fracture truth, it reveals the many competing truths that always existed but were flattened by centralized broadcast technology.”

@cennydd: “I’m trying to avoid the term ‘AI’. It mythologises tech as a new species, a self-directed moral agent outside our control. But, of course, these technologies are absolutely within our control. They’re products of our code, decisions, and policies. Their ethics are our ethics.”

@SimonDeDeo: “Machine learning is an amazing accomplishment of engineering. But it’s not science. Not even close. It’s just 1990, scaled up. It has given us *literally* no more insight than we had twenty years ago.”

@LuxAlptraum: “Plastic Strawgate became a thing for the same reason we endlessly argue over recycling: it’s easier to fixate on small, personal choices that feel under our control than it is to restructure our society at the systemic level we’d need to truly help the environment.”

@HughCards: “You can have a fantastic product, work your ass off, be loved by the media, and still be poor. Just ask any restauranteur.

The Guardian: Bulldoze the Business School, via @opentogrow

“We cannot study everything, all the time, which is why there are names of departments over the doors to buildings and corridors.

However, the B-school is an even more extreme case. It is constituted through separating commercial life from the rest of life, but then undergoes a further specialisation. The business school assumes capitalism, corporations and managers as the default form of organisation, and everything else as history, anomaly, exception, alternative. In terms of curriculum and research, everything else is peripheral.”

The Power Shift in Policymaking by @meedabyte

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