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Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds

“I’m convinced that people think freelancers have their lives funded by some kind of freelancing fairy, and that invoices are therefore an exercise in comedy.”WhiteOwl

“AI makes us more powerful. It doesn’t make us wiser.”@joi

“The impact of technology on our lives — and on the future of meaningful work — is the result of research, investment, regulatory, and business model choices that are made by people.”Byrone Auguste

How to avoid being manipulated by other people’s stories, via @JuSummerhayes

“Here’s how it [manipulation] works.

The storytellers create caricatures. (Not characters.) One set of caricatures is Ours. The other set of caricatures is Other. It’s easy to identify which set of caricatures belongs to which group, because all features, facets, personality traits, and other identifying characteristics are exaggerated.

The storytellers tell a story. There are certain rules for these stories:

The caricatures must stay true to their exaggerated features, even at the expense of logical plot points.
Logic doesn’t play heavily into these stories.
The caricatures that are Ours must be a) the heroes and/or b) the victims.
The caricatures that are Other must be a) the villains or b) the idiots.

There has to be a conflict but there doesn’t have to be a resolution. In fact, many of these stories are more powerful without a resolution. The lack of resolution leads to a sense of ongoing tension in the reader: they feel a personal sense of urgency to enter the story and help make the resolution happen.”

We Need to Prepare for the 5G Jobs Apocalypse, via @LnDDave

“Too much of tech’s education energy goes into the pipeline. Girls Who Code can’t help 40-Year-Old Women Who Were Laid Off And Need New Skills While Also Supporting Their Families. As a society, we’re very, very bad at imparting new skills to existing workers. How can tech make sure that workers have the new skills needed? Do companies need to start schools? Do they need to band together and offer blanket training for potential workers, not just for existing ones? How do they make sure those workers don’t starve while they learn? The success of German companies may show us some solutions for re-skilling, if our firms are willing to invest in apprenticeships that include living expenses for the workers while they learn.”

Reducing vehicle speed limits is THE BEST way to promote travel by bike or on foot

Image via @ouroborosage

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