control is for amateurs

Every fortnight — now known as a decade — I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

“In times of crisis, people reach for meaning. Meaning is strength. Our survival may depend on our seeking and finding it.” —Viktor Frankl, via @nuri_numinous

@JoyceCarolOates“is anyone else experiencing a distortion of time? each day feels monumental & tomorrow seems totally unpredictable; one week ago feels like one month; the future feels foreshortened, like a blank wall just a few inches away. past crises, like raging wildfires, near-forgotten.”

@TrishGreenhalgh“Please can we all now stop saying “it takes 17 years to get research evidence into practice and policy”. This week, I’ve seen observational studies and rapid reviews done in days, which have changed policy in minutes and practice in hours.”

‘How should leaders respond in chaos? Snowden writes that:’

“A leader’s immediate job is not to discover patterns but to stanch the bleeding. A leader must first act to establish order, then sense where stability is present and from where it is absent, and then respond by working to transform the situation from chaos to complexity, where the identification of emerging patterns can both help prevent future crises and discern new opportunities.” —Dave Snowden

Scott Burns, writer of Contagion script — “These viruses are tracer bullets through our society. They illuminate a lot of the problems that we have. One of the things I didn’t anticipate was that we would have an issue with how truthful and on top of things our administration would be. I remember being most concerned that the spread of misinformation could be as prolific and dangerous as the virus.”NYT 2020-03-04

“The value of the computer is that it allows kids to learn by doing. People don’t learn by being talked at. They learn when they attempt to do something and fail. Learning happens when they try to figure out why.”Roger Schank, NYT 2000

Best shirt of the week

@rhappe“My @TheCR ‘Control is for Amateurs’ shirt seemed to be the right choice today. Leadership dies in a vacuum”

Rachel Happe: Control is for amateurs

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