Every fortnight — now known as a decade — I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”Peter Drucker

But in our knowledge economy, says Drucker, “if you haven’t learned how to learn, you’ll have a hard time. Knowing how to learn is partly curiosity. But it’s also a discipline.”

@mathemagenic“When experts open up and become part of sense-making networks, their expertise travels to become part of informed choices of non-experts. It’s a better option than pushing packaged solutions via authority lines assuming that people are not able to understand complex matters.”

Hello Uncertainty

“As the inflection point that is COVID-19 sweeps across our economic, social, health, and political spheres, previously held assumptions about what is true have been invalidated. The existence of entire sectors that depend on humans being comfortable in close proximity with strangers is threatened. Our homes have become the school cafeteria, the beauty salon, the office, the video production studio, the movie theater, and the warehouse. A simple bus ride is an anxiety-inducing experience.

We are all now in a high assumption: knowledge ratio situation. … The core idea in an uncertain situation is to accelerate the conversion of assumptions to facts as rapidly as you can, being mindful that in a situation such as we are in, much will only be revealed over time.”

“As it is Poetry Day Ireland I felt inspired to write”Gavin Henrick

Birds sing to me in the morning
Easing me out of my slumber like an orchestra
Dawn, creeping around the edges of the curtain,
Invades the silence amplifying the songbirds, for me.

Morning, in a modern jail, with unlimited freedom inside the walls,
Built of more than bricks, mortar and concrete,
Walls of duty,
Walls of legal obligation,
Walls of community
Walls of hope
Walls of love
Walls of life

The Nespresso, alert, readies itself for a busy day,
Building foundations, cup by cup, mug by mug

Watching the empty road, in a silent rebellion
embraces every walker, runner, shopper, cyclist
to the murmur of the gentle tide,

Listen to Gavin read his poem here

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