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Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

PatrickTanguay — “School pre-covid: Teach them all exactly the same thing, sitting in rows. Prepare them for cubicle + factory work. Post-covid: Sit them at the kitchen table, on the couch, let them learn what they can amidst overworked anxious people, doing Zoom calls. Prepare them for gig work.”

@ChrisCorriganRSS is sweet because is delivers news without triggering chemicals. It works at the pace of ‘newspaper on the doorstep’ compared to the stream of social media.”

@JasonHickel“Capitalism structurally compels us to work and produce beyond society’s actual needs. And the more we produce, the more we have to consume, to mop up overproduction. Consumption becomes a structural imperative — a form of labour in itself. The consumer is not sovereign, but serf.”

Will Evidence-Based Medicine Survive COVID-19? by @TrishGreenhalgh

“If evidence-based medicine is not the right scientific paradigm for this moment, what is? The framework of complex adaptive systems may be better suited to the analysis of fast-moving infectious diseases …

The logic of evidence-based medicine, in which scientists pursued the goals of certainty, predictability, and linear causality, remains useful in some circumstances—for example, the ongoing randomized controlled trials of treatments for COVID-19. But at a public health rather than individual patient level, we need to embrace other epistemic frameworks and use methods to study how best to cope with uncertainty, unpredictability, and non-linear causality …

To reiterate the point I made earlier, there is no doubt that evidence-based medicine has offered and continues to offer powerful insights and still has an important place in the evaluation of therapies. But its principles have arguably been naïvely and indiscriminately over-applied in the current pandemic.”

Cllr Asher Craig — “PERSPECTIVE. This haunting underwater sculpture park is a tribute to the 2 million African slaves thrown into the sea during the transatlantic slave trade. The sculptures [Vicissitudes] are at the bottom of Molinere Bay and only accessible by scuba diving, snorkeling, and glass-bottom boats.”

Vicissitudes in Molinere Bay

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  1. Bill Carrier

    I use to regularly read your feed for years. Then they stopped coming and I didn’t notice as my inbox has filled with many other sources of information. I noticed in a Working Smarter email that they featured one of your posts and attempted to re-subscribe only to be informed that email addresses at my domain (@sbcglobal.net) are banned because of spam). A most unfortunate response. The domain is not the problem. Spam is. There are filtinering tools that you can use rather than banning whole domains. Sad to have been cut from your list.


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