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Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

Top Influencers in knowledge management by @cronycle [Long list to curate your own feed on KM]

@DougBoneparth“Learning how to sell provides more job security than most college educations.”

I used to tell people at Wired, “Don’t come into Wired to work; work at home. Come into Wired to be interrupted and have chance meetings.” —Kevin Kelly. HT @StewartBrand

If yer keeping track of pending job reductions announced over the past month or so:

Royal Dutch Shell: 9,000
Chevron: 6,750
Exxon Mobil: 14,000
Cenovus/Husky: 2,000
Suncor: 2,000
Marathon Petroleum: 2,050
Boeing: 31,000
HSBC: 35,000
Daimler: 30,000
Disney: 28,000
Cisco: 7,100

@DrFrankLipman“There are a number of commonalities of long lived elders around the world, and these few stand out — 1) they live with a sense of purpose; 2) they give to others; 3) they have strong social networks that enable them to engage frequently with their communities, families and friends.”

@JPCastlin — “The importance of ensuring diversity of thought is far, far, far too often underestimated in strategy. This goes for teams, but also individuals. Strategists who only have one angle with which they view the world will inevitably end up believing it is flat.”

Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety

“Only variety absorbs variety.”
This statement means that any viable system, which can cope with a changing environment, contains a matching variety (=possible system states) in relation to the environment. In short: The complexity of a viable system (or business) must match (up to a certain extent) the domain’s complexity.

Professionalism, by @AndrewJacobsLnD

“I said before how it wasn’t good enough for people in learning to be providing services that weren’t to the required standard. You can’t call yourself a professional if you’re no better than the amateur with some basic kit.”

@TrishGreenhalgh“When we wrote our first paper (in March 2020) suggesting universal masking, even I wouldn’t have predicted that it would ever be THE issue on the cover of Time magazine (which changed its name to ‘VOTE’ for this election).”

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