the last fortnight

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. The next Friday’s Finds post will be on 24 September, as these will now be posted the last Friday of each month.

“Twitter is a place where you can watch people who don’t read books argue with people who write them.”Mark Safranski

“It’s far better to adapt your organisation to the future than to try and force everyone back into the past. This ‘return to the office’ has more to do with status symbols, fragile executive egos, and idiocy than shareholder value. It is bonkers — Hybrid [work] is just a way of saying ‘let us have the future but just like the past because we’ve spent lots of money on the past’. It never works but we never seem to learn.”@SWardley

“Vaccinated people are like wet logs, unvaccinated like dry kindling. COVID is the fire.
Can wet logs catch fire? Yes.
Can wet logs SPREAD fire once they catch flame? Sure.
But it’s MUCH harder to start a fire with wet logs, and nearly impossible when there’s no more kindling.”

The Five Fundamental Changes that have Reset how we Work

1. Most of us now have a work-from-home mindset ingrained, whether we like it or not
2. The hype days of technology are over. It’s all about what enterprises need, not what vendors are trying to sell them.
3. We are not so afraid of change as Horizon 3 [exponential innovation] unfolds before our eyes.
4. Locations have become irrelevant, as access to talent takes center stage.
5. Values and philosophies beyond capitalism increasingly dictate where our emerging talent chooses to work.

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