I’ve been a practitioner of Human Performance Technology for over a decade and have also incorporated other fields, such as network analysis, social and informal learning, into my work in helping organizations improve performance.

Here is a list of posts that contain practical tools, applications and processes for training, organizational development and other professionals.

These tools are focused on workplace performance:

  1. Supporting workplace performance
  2. enough training! Even trained workers need an effective performance support system.
  3. training-21-c (High Resolution PDF 3MB)
  4. The Future of the Training Department (Article)
  5. Skills 2.0 on how being a learning professional in a Web 2.0 world is becoming more about your network than your current knowledge. As featured in T&D Magazine.
  6. Knowledge Artisans includes a business model (PDF) for an open source web development company.
  7. Web Tools for Critical Thinking includes a graphic of tools that can be used by individuals, groups or organizations.
  8. So you want to be an e-learning consultant? Article in eLearn Magazine.
  9. So you (still) want to be an e-learning consultant? (2011)
  10. Entrants & Incumbents – Using asymmetrical skills to enter new markets by following Christensen’s advice from Seeing What’s Next.
  11. Workplace Performance Analysis Job Aid – Several pages (attached PDF) on how to conduct a performance and cause analysis, including a comprehensive list of performance interventions.
  12. Performance Analysis – another look at conducting a performance analysis and the difference between learning and non-learning interventions.
  13. Informal Learning & Performance Technology – explains how human performance technology can be used to determine if informal learning is suitable for your work environment.
  14. Analysis for Informal Learning – includes a graphic explaining how to proceed with an analysis for informal learning.
  15. Estimating the Performance Situation – explanation and graphic on how to move from workplace performance problems to possible solutions.
  16. Communication Tools from the Army – two tools that I learned in the Army (Orders Format & Battle Procedure), and how they can be used in business.
  17. For the Toolbox (DIF Analysis) – how to use DIF analysis (Difficulty, Frequency, Importance) in determining tasks for training.
  18. DIF Analysis – expanded view.
  19. Training: A Solution Looking for a Problem – why training is usually the most expensive and the last option that you want to implement.
  20. HPT Bookmarks (on Diigo)